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AKA 'The Game Changer'

The ultimate low-maintenance hair hack that fits into your natural hair to add height and fullness to your ponytail.

4 easy steps to endless volume!

PonyStep 1

Separate your hair so that you have the top half of your ponytail in your hand, with the front section starting just above each ear and following up to the crown of the head. 

PonyStep 2

Place your PonySecret® so that the flat end is flat against your head, just underneath the hair you are holding, and in the centre of where your ponytail will be sitting on your head. 

PonyStep 3

Add the lower section of your hair to your ponytail, keeping the PonySecret® flat against your head and in the centre of the two sections of hair. 

PonyStep 4

Tie your ponytail with a hair tie and fasten it. Adjust your ponytail as required so that you achieve the look you are going for! 



Never seen before in the hairstyling world.

Twice the volume instantly

PonySecret takes mere seconds to utilise, compared to the hours you may spend styling your hair without.


The PonySecret comes in 4 different variants to seamlessly blend into your unique hair colour.

Secure hold

PonySecret is the best way to ensure your pony stays voluminous and perfect for as long as you require.

Ready to take your ponytail to the next level?


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