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PonySecret® Blonde

PonySecret® Blonde (7115855823003)
PonySecret Blonde (7115855823003)
PonySecret Blonde (7115855823003)

Ready to take your ponytail to the next level?

PonySecret® is the best hair styling tool to get thicker, fuller and more voluminous ponytails within seconds. Say farewell to thin, lifeless ponytails. Permanently.

PonySecret®: One simple product, one killer ponytail.

Simply the best alternative to other methods of achieving voluminous pony, such as using heat, chemicals, fake-looking extensions or even large amounts of uncomfortable bobby-pins. Designed in London, the PonySecret® is a worldwide patented innovation, never seen before in the hairstyling world.

Why choose PonySecret®?

  • Adds volume & lifts your pony in seconds
  • Blends in with your natural hair colour
  • Extra strong hold
  • Undetectable 
  • Ultra-light
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Instant and long-lasting result
  • Perfect for low, mid and high ponytails
  • Natural look

What you need:

  • The PonySecret® matching your hair colour
  • Any hair tie

QTY - 1

  • Dimensions: 45mm X 22mm
  • Material: Soft silicone
  • Weight: 33g

    PonySecret® Blonde (7115855823003)
    PonySecret Blonde (7115855823003)
    PonySecret Blonde (7115855823003)

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