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Do you ever see someone with a beautiful, high ponytail and stare on in awe, wondering how they get their pony to look so full, so luscious, so… voluminous?

We want to let you in on our little secret...

We’ve all had the struggle of sitting in the salon chair or at our dressing table for hours on end, using every product and technique under the sun to achieve the elusive, volumised, high ponytail. And voilà! You finally achieve it - only to check in the mirror a couple of hours later and see your pony is deflated and flat once more. One day, it hit us: what if there was a way to solve this problem easily, quickly and, more importantly, naturally?

We've spent months researching and developing our patented design and flagship product PonySecret® to make sure we provide the best ponytail volumising solution on the market. A simple and quick fix that will save you time spent labouring over your hair, and money spent on a multitude of different products.

Designed in London with love.

"We strive to empower women and make them feel confident and beautiful about their hair."

Our top priority is to make all women feel beautiful and confident in their hair and appearance. We want to make sure we provide our dear customers with the best solution available in the haircare and wider beauty industry.

We have trialled and tested our product with a huge range of different hair types and styles, from thin and wavy hair to thick and straight hair, and have developed our very own patented design that will give you the boost you’ve been looking for, whatever your hair type.

Our promise to you from the team here at PonyRevolution is to continue to disrupt the hair and beauty market and design products that our customers, such as yourself, love and continue to use over and over.

Our philosophy

Trust & Value

We provide great value for money and aspire to make our customers feel secure when purchasing our products.

Innovation & Audacity

We strive to revolutionise the beauty market with our innovative and patented design, never seen before in the hairstyling world.


We aim to make all women feel beautiful and confident. Female-owned and self-financed business.

Customer focus

We focus on solving customer needs by providing the most effective solution on the market.


We ensure transparency, quality & excellence for both our products and services. Designed in London, UK.


We offer beauty to all women no matter their hair colour, texture or type.

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