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Our top 3 Ways to Wear Ponytails using the PonySecret

Our top 3 Ways to Wear Ponytails using the PonySecret

The ponytail is a perfect style for all seasons. In winter, putting your hair up in a pony can get your hair out of your face and keep it looking pretty and put-together if the weather isn’t in your favour, such as in rain or wind. In the summer, the ponytail is the perfect hairstyle to keep you cool and stop your hair from frizzing in the heat, such as on a beach day or when walking around the city with friends. 

Read on for our suggestions on how to style your ponytail from day to night to achieve the perfect voluminous ponytail that will last for hours.

The Wavy, Beachy Ponytail

To achieve the perfect wavy look, you may want to use a small amount of product such as salt spray to give your hair a wavy, beachy texture. 

First, take the top half of your hair and position your PonySecret just underneath this section in the centre of your head, where you would like your ponytail to sit. It’s not too important to get your hair completely soft and sleek for the wavy look and can look good if you keep it a bit messy. 

Next, add the lower half of your hair to the ponytail and position it in place under your PonySecret. Position a hair tie around the PonySecret and pull your hair so that it positions evenly around it. Then, pull at certain parts of the hair on top of your head to create a slightly messy, beachy look.

The Sleek and Sexy Ponytail

The sleek and sexy ponytail is the perfect day-to-night look. It adds an element of class to a daytime dressed-down look and can add an element of sultry sass to an evening outfit. To achieve the perfect sleek ponytail, you may way to use a small amount of product such as hairspray to ensure your hair is slicked-back and there aren’t many flyaways. 

Simply take the top section of your hair and brush it back into a sleek ponytail. Next, position your PonySecret just underneath this section. Then, holding your PonySecret in the centre of where you want your ponytail to be positioned on your head, take the lower section of your hair and pull it up into the ponytail, making sure to brush it up so there are no bumps. Finish with a quick spray of hairspray and push back with your hands, and voila! Wear your beautiful, sleek ponytail for hours on end. 

The Fun and Flirty Ponytail

The fun and flirty ponytail is perhaps our favourite. It’s similar to the sleek and sexy ponytail but is slightly more dressed down and looks great with curtain bangs or a fringe. It’s an easy, hassle-free option when you want some added volume and ‘oomph’ to your pony, but don’t want to spend the time on sleeking it back into the perfect smooth pony.

For this style, no product is needed. Simply style your hair as you would usually, either letting it air dry or blowdrying it. 

Next, take the top half of your hair and bring down two front pieces on either side of your head, or your curtain/regular bangs if you have them. Next, place your PonySecret just underneath the top section of your hair. Then, bring up the bottom half of your hair and secure it with a hair tie. Don’t worry about it being too neat, we’re going for the “I woke up like this” look. You may want to loosen some strands of hair to create a slightly messier look. And there you go! Wear your fun and flirty pony all day or night long. 

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