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How to Create A Killer Ponytail On Par with Ariana Grande’s

How to Create A Killer Ponytail On Par with Ariana Grande’s

Ariana Grande is known for having one of the most voluminous, flirtiest ponytails in the game. At this point, her ponytail is iconic and has become one of the most coveted hairstyles in modern history (in our opinion). 

It is always perfectly positioned and completely sleek, defying gravity with the ends flicking up in perfect succession. In fact, Ariana Grande wears a ponytail so often, there are even news articles dedicated to all of the times she has been spotted without one. It’s clear that the ponytail is her favourite hairstyle, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Ariana has been wearing ponytails since 2014 when her music career began to take off, as she said it was originally the only style that worked with her previously damaged hair. From 2010 to 2013 she played Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”, in which she was constantly getting her hair dyed red for her character in the show. These days, when she does decide to forego the coveted pony for a rare occasion, she’s almost unrecognizable without it. 

Her ponytail isn’t just a regular ponytail. It’s reminiscent of the ’60s, dramatic and almost obsessed over by hairstylists and enthusiasts alike. But one thing’s for sure. The high pony is Ariana’s signature look and has stayed with her throughout her many aesthetic transitions over the years. But is her ponytail really so hard to achieve? *Psst* we have a secret… not anymore!

People all around the world have been obsessed with her high pony for almost a decade. And naturally, we don’t just mean grabbing a hair tie and scraping your hair back into whatever shape it may take. A good ponytail takes a few moments to achieve, especially if you’re reaching for Ariana levels. Deciding where on the head to place the pony is also a crucial part of the puzzle and can take a few attempts to get right. But it’s definitely not an impossible feat by any means. 

If Ariana has taught us one thing, it’s that a good ponytail is the perfect, timeless accessory that fits any look, day or night. A good ponytail lifts and awakens the face, and can be worn with squeaky clean hair, or when your hair has gone a few days in between washes. That’s why we’ve created a product that allows you to maintain a gorgeous, voluminous, sleek and beautiful ponytail that you can wear for hours on end, all by using a simple small silicone device called the PonySecret. 

The easiest way, by far, is to use the PonySecret to achieve a ponytail of similar volume and height. The PonySecret allows you to maintain a high and voluminous ponytail for hours on end without multiple hair stylists and hours in the styling chair. It allows you to achieve the sleek volume of Ariana’s ponytail without the need for excessive heat damage, overkill on product and of course, hours spent in the styling chair. 

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